Ear Care Centre Lowestoft

You are on the dedicated page for Appointments of our Lowestoft Ear Care Centre.

We are pleased to announce the opening of Ear Care Centre in Lowestoft!

As a patient, you deserve the best and we know how to achieve this. We are Specialist Nurses with more than 13 years of medical experience, in Ear, Nose and Throat Departments. As a background experience , I was a Charge Nurse in ENT OPD in James Paget University Hospital, providing Microsuction Services to thousands of patients under NHS.

As most of GP’s dropping the Irrigation Technique, vast majority of patients are forced to wait more that 3 months to have Ear Microsuctioned in JPUH.

We provide a better, faster and more tailored service, for your needs. We do provide home visit for patients unable to walk, with disabilities or in Nursing Homes.

Please get in touch via Contact or call us at 01603394383 or 07986 435 780 to find out more.