10K visitors and counting

After one month being online with our new website, we are happy to announce that our website has reached more than 10k visitors.

To celebrate this achievement, we will offer Microsuction,  ABSOLUTELY FREE – to the first 5 patients!

One thing is obvious: our visitors are happy with our service. We had proposed to offer to our patients a quality Health Care Service by providing not only the service but also the informal discussion pre and post-consultation.

We strive to offer the right answers on all our inquiries and therefore our services and updates will have a direct link to the mainstream information from the website. You are wondering why we still have a website when our Facebook page is probably enough. We believe in personal space for every one of our patients and the website is the right place. We have built a dedicated section on our website for A to Z Ear Care were anyone can find an answer to the most common questions related to the Ear Care Health. Now, in an incipient form, just the small batch of articles – and please be assured we’ll have more – have gain attraction within our patient’s group and makes us happy when they return to us with more questions. We want to inform everyone correctly and truthfully about ear care health.

Everything builds up very quickly and the opportunity to extend our service in East Anglia had appeared: we’ll open a new Ear Centre in Lowestoft. We can say that there we have a Golden Triangle of Ear Care Clinics which will fulfil the need for quality Health Service: Norwich, Cambridge, and Lowestoft.

None of those would happen without our patients and visitors and for that, we would like to say:  THANK YOU 

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