Can children have Microsuction ?

Never poke anything into the ear canals – we strongly advise NOT TO USE cotton buds.

Never insert anything into your child’s ears to remove wax (particularly cotton buds) as this can:

· Cause the wax to be impacted by pushing it further into the ear

· Damage the wall of the ear canal and cause inflammation

· Perforate (tear) the eardrum.

Techniques of Ear wax removal on childrens:

· Wax hook or curette: The ENT Specialist may use a wax hook or a curette (a scoop-shaped surgical instrument) to scoop and remove the wax.

· Microsuction: The ENt Specialist may decide to clear the wax using microsuction.

This procedure is only carried out at Ear Care Centre  due to equipment availability. Micro-suction removes the wax via suction with a small probe, much like a vacuum cleaner. This procedure is quick, effective and painless, but can be fairly noisy.

Microsuction is generally performed on children over the age of 5 years as the child is required to remain still.



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