Ear canal and mastoid cavity care

Ear canals and mastoid cavities (ear canals that have been surgically widened to treat chronic ear infections) produce wax and skin. The wax normally carries debris and bacteria out of the ear canal.

This process is nature’s way of keeping the lining of the ear canal healthy. Unfortunately, some ear canals and mastoid cavities do not readily clear this wax and skin.

 These ears tend to have problems with recurrent drainage (infection). If not attended to, these infections can cause serious problems. Problems can be avoided by having the ear canal or mastoid cavity cleaned periodically by an Ear Specialist using the Microsuction Technique.

 Routine mastoid cavity care involves removing wax and skin debris, examining the mastoid and middle ear for signs of recurrent infection or cholesteatoma (skin cysts), and possibly, application of medicines.

How often this needs to be done depends on the size of the cavity and how much wax and skin an individual makes. Most people need to have their mastoid cavities cleaned 2 – 4 times each year.



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