How you can tell if your ears are blocked with earwax

When your ears are blocked there are particular symptoms of the earwax buildup. It does worth to talk about the ear wax build up first.

Ear canal produce a wax call cerum which is commonly known as earwax. The wax protects the ear from dust, microorganisms and foreign particles. Furthermore, it protecting the sensitive ear skin from irritation when ear gets submerge into water or gets water inside the ear canal.

When the glands are secreting more wax than necessary, it may get hard and block the ear canals. Cleaning the ear can be tedious and of course if not done right, could lead to injuries. You can accidentally push the wax deeper, causing blockage, scratches of the ear canal skin, perforations.

At this stage the wax builds up and became a common reason for temporary hearing loss. Important to note that some people are prone to produce too much wax which in most cases lead to ear blockage.

As a fact, from all the existing studies, using cotton buds, bobby pins and other objects ( ear moulds or inside ear canals earphones), in your ear canal can also push the wax deeper.  Still, we need to understand when we can tell if your ears are blocked with earwax, so we can identify the signs and symptoms as follows:

  • Temporary sudden or partial hearing loss.
  • Sudden hearing loss after bath or swimming
  • Noises like ringing or buzzing in the ear which could be the sign of tinnitus
  • A feeling of echo fullness in the ear
  • Earache

All those sign can result in to infection and is important to contact your GP when some of the symptoms became acute like:

  • Severe pain in your ear
  • Drainage from ear
  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Persistent hearing loss
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Odor coming from your ear
  • Dizziness

Please note that hearing loss, dizziness, and ear ache also may have other causes and remember a full medical examination is important to identify if the problem is due excess ear wax or other issue entirely.

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