If There’s No Microscope, Then It’s Not Microsuction!

State-of-the-art Equipment

To increase the safety and comfort you experience, Ear Care Centre Norwich only uses ENT surgical binocular microscopes. Microscopes of this specification provide the in-depth awareness our specialists need to work with absolute precision within the tiny space of the ear canal. Most other ear cleaning clinics only use magnifying goggles, which provide less accuracy in the procedure because of their inferior magnification and lack of 3D vision.

We are also one of the few to use ENT-grade suction units, which provide quiet, safe, controlled suction superior to the portable suction units typically used. We only use sterile, single-use tubes, and sterile, single-use suction tips.

The word Microsuction is derived from two words, microscope and suction. The view of the ear canal (meatus) is improved with the use of a microscope. The gold standard for safe practice is an ENT specific microscope.

There are cheaper alternatives. Microscopic lenses can be attached to glasses with a headlight. These are called Loupes. Ear Care Centre Norwich invests to reduce risk, improve patient safety and comfort, so when treating the ear, we do not use Loupes. For dentistry and surgeons, this is a different matter.

When presented with excessive earwax in the ear canal (meatus), nursing staff at local medical centres would often be limited to use water to wash or irrigate earwax out of the meatus. An alternative to irrigation is to manually remove earwax using specialist instruments. There are a variety of reasons why this this required.

When a patient is referred to ENT via the NHS or private sector, ENT departments typically  remove excessive earwax by Microsuction. They will have an ENT microscope to give clear vision and importantly depth perception when working in the ear canal. They also have a vacuum source to provide suction and suction tubes (cannulas).

Ear Care Centre Norwich provides the latest in ENT equipment which provide an exceptional level of clarity, performance and clear vision; that’s why we do not use Loupes. Ear was removal is important to us as much as for our patients.

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