Is Microsuction painful?

First of all we need to say: Microsuction is not painful. It’s simple, clean and safe. It can be a bit noisy because of the suction, however the low pressure suction medical device is quite. A vast majority of patients describe it as a tickling sensation. Many of our patients are asking about the damage or trauma of the external ear canal ( external acoustic meatus) and the eardrum ( tympanic membrane) during the process. Based on our experience and reports over the entire medical body, we can say that this is an exceptional rare case and it’s usually caused by a sudden movement of the patient or by wax being stuck on the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The area inside the ear canal is very sensitive and the procedure its delicate so its imperative to stay still when asked to do so.

Sometimes, due to the anatomy of the ear canal, the access is difficult. A narrow ear canal will be more challenging as the viewing its not optimal. A Specialist nurse/doctor will be familiar with the the anatomy, the lengh of the ear canal and will perform the Microsuction in a safe way. It’s imperative to make sure that the practitioner is properly trained and it’s having medical experience in ENT.

Microsuction procedure

Is microsuction painful?

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