What is the difference between Microsuction and Ear Syringing?

Currently, when it is required, ear wax removal can be performed by two methods: Microsuction and  Ear Irrigation (ear syringing has been abandoned).

Ear syringing is the traditional method of ear wax removal in most of the GP surgeries and is based on injecting water at high pressure in the ear. This is causing / had caused large numbers of complication including Otitis Externa, Tympanic Membrane  perforations, Permanent hearing loss or tinnitus. Nowadays the method is performed using ear irrigation machines which apply a safer, more standardise pressure water into the External Auditory Canal ( EAC). Still there are reported a large number of complications.

Big data is used to understand the effectiveness of the Ear syringing. According to the studies, just 85% of the GP practices offer ear syringing but only 19% of GP’s actually perform it because, they delegate the procedure to the professionals. ( NHS Hospitals). 29% is the percentage where failure of ear wax removal is happening. Complications like Otitis Media or Otitis Externa occurred in 23% of the cases, when Ear Syringing is used. Around 20% of patients end up with the Tympanic Membrane (eardrum) perforations and 11% of the cases have reported trauma to the External Auditory Canal ( EAC).

Recent reviews and research data have underlined, less benefits on the safety and costs of the Ear irrigation method. Experts have a clear view on Microsuction: based on the same studies, it is the safest method of wax removal, resulting in the lowest prevalence of complications. Of course, no procedure is risk free, still Microsuction offers important advantages over syringing:

  • In the case of Tympanic Membrane (eardrum) perforation Microsuction is Recommended  be used;
  • If the ear has an infection of the external or middle ear is the only techniques safe to perform wax or debris removal;
  • A reduced complication rates compared to ear irrigation;
  • Comfortable process which is undertaken in a few minutes;
  • No liquids are used during process;
  • No ear drops needed;
  • Pain free.

Many advantages have been exposed and Microsuction is accepted across medical profession as the safest and most comfortable method of ear wax removal.

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