What is the success rate of Microsuction?

Ear wax is leading to blocked ears and hearing loss. Before any of these could happen, a fullness discomfort is common. According to the statistics, the chances of wax accumulating are increased by the use of external objects in the ear canal- Hearing Aids and Cotton Buds are the first 2 places. Other factors are:

  • Diet
  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Climate
  • Personal anatomy
  • Genetics Ethnicity

When we are talking about the success rate of Microsuction, we’ll need to consider the counterpart method of removing the wax ear: syringing/irrigation.

Comparing to Syringing, the Microsuction is more gentle and more efficient method of ear wax removal. The success rate is one of the highest within the industry and will remove 100% of the wax ear in almost all the cases. This is called “The Gold Standard in ENT”. We do achieve this because our Nurses are trained and practised in NHS hospital environment. In less than 0.5 % of the cases, some ear wax could be tucked around a corner or attached to the Tympanic Membrane (eardrum) and cannot be safely removed. In this case an initial assessment will be completed and booking another appointment will be required for removing completely the ear wax and avoid any feature discomfort.

Need to make reference at the latest published Studies, which shows that patients are having that 70% chances of getting a ear infection, ear drum perforations and total hearing loss, if we compare Ear Irrigation with Ear Microsuction.

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Why microsuction is a succesfull method? Do you want to find out more?

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