Ear Care Centre Norwich is the only company in Norfolk which offers Microsuction in the comfort of your home!

This service is designed to meet the need of the patients which are immobile, have health problems and cannot travel to our Clinic. We value those patients and therefore we will do the travel! However, we would be happy to extend our services to any clients who would prefer a more personal approach and have treatment in the comfort of their own home.

This service is indispensable for people with Hearing Aids. Having Hearing aids, you are more prone to have impacted ear wax.

Home Visits

We offer our services based on your time and we will fit around your busy life.

Our equipment is light and easy to carry, setting up only takes a few minutes and the procedure is between 10-15 minutes long, depending on the condition of your ears. We will need a chair and access to a mains socket.