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I managed to get an appointment really quickly. I decided to go private after waiting for a NHS referral (and I’m still waiting). Best decision I made. Nick was super friendly and explained everything to make me feel at ease. The process was quick and painless. I will have no hesitation in recommending him to others and returning myself!


Fitted me in at very short notice amazing friendly service from Nick, my ears now feel amazing!


Nick is a superstar. I was able to make an appointment at short notice, which was fantastic. The microsuction procedure itself was swift and painless, and I was made to feel comfortable throughout whilst Nick explained what was happening. For this, my hearing was improved immeasurably. Best £60 (for both ears!) I’ve ever spent!


Nick was fantastic – efficient, kind, knowledgable and I had my hearing back in under 10 minutes. Was so grateful to be seen so quickly after other places I tried didn’t have appointments for 3+ weeks. Highly recommend!


Professional, courteous, informative and empathetic to my ear condition and dilemma. Two days before my holiday, local GP informs me they no longer carry out ear syringing, but advice was to call all clinics in Norfolk, leaving me high & dry and in considerable discomfort and feeling very frustrated, angry and debilitated. Rang many clinics with weeks of waiting lists, then contacted Ear Care Centre and spoke to Nick. Within three hours saw Nick and had the Microsuction procedure, going from feeling very low to amazing. When you get first class service, my goodness doesn’t it stand out from the crowd in today’s world. Yes there is a payment of course, but reasonable when the ear condition can bring you down. Shame on the NHS decision makers for stopping a vital procedure in local surgeries making patients source their own care and at their own cost, if they can afford it. NICK AT THE EAR CARE CENTRE – OUTSTANDING, keep up the good work!


Nick was amazing and completely clearedNick was amazing and completely cleared my blocked ear. Had no idea that the “good ear” was blocked 70% too so after a 5 minute microsuction I can hear better than I can remember ever hearing. Would recommend to anyone. my blocked ear. Had no idea that the “good ear” was blocked 70% too so after a 5 minute microsuction I can hear better than I can remember ever hearing. Would recommend to anyone.


Recently visited Nick, what a super chap and cured my ears of blockages both sides – Can now hear again. Brilliant painless service fast and efficient
Thank you Nick, very much appreciated your care and expertise!


My left ear was blocked for a few weeks, went to the doctor’s, they referred me to an ear clinic with a long waiting list.
Phoned up the ear care centre & spoke to Nick, who managed to get me in the following morning.
Was very nervous, but put to ease by Nick & the procedure was very quick & simple.
Apparently both ears were blocked & pulled out what looked like candles from both my ears.
Wish I went sooner, can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!


Nick was incredibly welcoming and was really easy to book an appointment with. Within 10 minutes I had my hearing back and it was worth every penny. Would highly recommend Nick to anyone having trouble with hearing or wax. Painless process and made the world of difference. A real professional!


If you ever wonder what is the best solution for your blocked ears, just call this place. Not even 10minutes and you’re out like a newborn (at least your ears are)!!!


I cannot recommend Nick enough! I was in so much pain with a blocked ear and ear infection and Nick kindly fitted me in at very short notice in between appointments. He was very friendly, professional and painlessly removed my ear wax in record time. I will definitely bypass my GP in future and go straight to the Ear Care Centre. Nick is also a lot cheaper than many other ear wax removal services.


Just had my ears microsuctioned by Nick and the tinnitus that I thought was permanent in my left ear is GONE, it’s been 5 years with various GP appts for syringing and I thought I was stuck with the ringing noise forever. But 15 minutes with Nick and my hearing is better than it’s been in years. I left the appointment and had a little happy cry. Nick was so informative and professional. If my ears get blocked again, I won’t even bother with my GP, I’ll just go straight to Nick. Also, Microsuctioning feels like your whole brain is being cleared out and is a weird but oddly pleasant sensation!


Visited today, both ears sorted in record time along with AMAZING customer service! Can’t recommend enough if you’re having wax trouble. A+++


Absolutely brilliant, I’ve had my ears cleaned many places and Nick was by far superior to them. Fast no pain, friendly, and a cheap compared to most. Highly recommended!


Had a blocked ear for a while but due to lockdown I haven’t been able to get it sorted! Nick was recommended to me & I went today! It’s amazing to be able to hear properly again! Nick was very friendly & professional and knows his stuff! Would definitely recommend & use again.


Nick cleaned out my ears in less than 10 minutes! Very easy, not uncomfortable and rich with advice! Totally recommended!


So pleased to have found this service in Norwich. Professional and friendly service, couldn’t recommend enough. I had one blocked ear but the other was 80% blocked so after cleaning, hearing is a joy. Thank you!


Excellent service. Nick took me from miserable to happy in about 5 minutes with his friendly, affable but professional and educational approach. I was also most grateful that he took the time to communicate with me in the middle of the Easter holidays which shows dedication to his clients. Will always be my ‘go to’ place for wax issues from now on as the process was not only quick and painless but also great value for money. Many thanks!


Nick was great. I had total blockage in both ears that he was able to remedy in 10 minutes. Great service, clean office and a simple solution to a problem that may seem bigger than necessary. I highly recommend the Ear Care Center.


WOW! Nothing short of first class treatment. Pain free, smooth process and what a result at the end. Forget ear drops and gadgets online as they DO NOT WORK – Just come to this place! Phenomenal.