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Amazing amazing amazing!!
I was recommend the Ear Care Centre by Norwich Walk-in Centre as I was experiencing really bad ear pain due to my ears being completely blocked with wax. After weeks of olive oil nothing improved and to no surprise as Nick informed me that this doesn’t do much to help. After not being able to hear out of my ear for weeks and being in severe pain from the pressure of the wax I have come out a new woman! I can hear and have no more ringing or pain from pressure at all. I only wish I’d come sooner! I’m so glad the Walk-in centre recommend Nick because I never knew microsuction was a thing! I will definitely not hesitate to come back or recommend to friends and family if needed. Worth every penny! Thank again Nick!


Nick was very nice and kind, I walked in feeling nervous but he did every thing he could to calm me. I had a very nice experience and would definitely go there again!


Very quick and painless procedure which helped to unblock both of my ears for £55. I got an appointment the day after enquiring and would definitely recommend it to anyone similarly struggling with ear blockages.

C Weston

Amazing service and very professional. In and out within minutes and very knowledgeable of the job in hand. Would definitely use Nick again!


Visited Nick this morning after suffering badly with hearing loss and blocked ears. The Drs wanted to refer me and wait about 2 months but Nick fitted me in. Very knowledgeable and very careful with my ears thank you so much Nick for giving me my hearing back will return in the future!


I knew my ear wasn’t quite right so I looked at all the reviews on here and decided to go and see Nick , I got an appointment within two days and when I saw Nick he was so efficient and professional and within minutes had removed the culprit -hard wax from my ear ( which Nick said had been pressing on my eardrum causing the discomfort ). Amazing service will not hesitate to call Nick if I need him again 😊


A1 service!! Nick explained everything which was brilliant and so reassuring. The procedure was so fast and painless too. When it was finished..UNBELIEVABLE….you could not imagine the difference, I could hear perfectly. Do yourselves a favour and pay Nick a visit if you are suffering from any hearing loss, best money I ever spent!


I am so thankful to Nick for unblocking my ears, I can hear perfectly again!
Nick is so friendly and reassuring, and the procedure was very quick. Thanks again, I will be back if my ears get blocked again in the future 🙂


Amazing place,. I have to go quite regularly to have my ears cleared of excess wax, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else, safe and comfortable!


I was referred to Nick after my local Doctors surgery said they were unable to syringe my ears which I need done every year, due to Safety concerns over Covid.
I was very unsure about having my ears micro-suctioned to remove the wax for the very first time and that if it would really work.
I need not have worried though.
I was able to make an appointment very quickly, 2 days ahead, no need to apply any oil into my ears beforehand either.
Nick made be relax as soon as I met him. He was really polite friendly professional and explained everything clearly and I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing. He is fully trained for this and has many years experience working for NHS that he now works privately, saving us the clients quite a lot of money. The whole procedure was done in less than 5 mins and removed all my ear wax from both ears for £55.00. There was no pain or discomfort at all.
I was actually “speechless “ when asked how did I feel now? I will be going there every year from now on.
I can definitely recommend you going there as you will not be disappointed. Plenty of local car parks around too only a few minutes walk away too.

lofty k8215393

Absolutely fantastic service. Nick was brilliant and so reassuring and explained everything. The procedure was painless too. And when it was finished..WOW….I could hear perfectly. Would definitely recommend going to pay Nick a visit if you are suffering from any hearing loss!


Just had a quick visit to see Nick, it was well worth spending the money (£55) to have my hearing back once again.That was for both ears too. Nick is very friendly and it is a painless procedure. I highly recommend people visit Nick.


A week ago the hearing in one of my ears deteriated significantly. I persisted with this for a few days hoping it would improve, but it didn’t. I made an appointment at our GP surgery to see the nurse practitioner who confirmed I had a build of wax in both ears. He told me to use olive oil to soften the wax, hoping it would disperse, if not come back in three weeks and he would organise a referral. Within 24 hours of using olive oil I had become profoundly deaf making it impossible for me to function safely at work. I contacted The Ear Care Centre and Nick treated me later that day.
Wow! Having the wax removed was like having my ears switched back on! I had not realised how poor my hearing had become even before the rapid deterioration the week before. The service Nick provided felt safe, clean and efficient. If you are having troubles similar to mine I would highly recommend making an appointment so see Nick!


Well worth spending £55. Very user friendly service. Got an appointment the next day. Both my ears were completely blocked and very uncomfortable. After about 10 minutes, Nick had cleared all the wax and my hearing was restored. Such a relief! Highly recommended!


Have suffered with intermittent hearing loss in my right ear for a few months. Tried many types of ear drops to cure the problem, however, all were unsuccessful. Called Nick on a Thursday, visited the Ear Care Centre in the Friday…10 minutes later, my hearing is 100% back to normal. Such a relief .
Nick literally removed hard lumps of wax from both my ears. No pain, no discomfort, just relief . I highly recommend his service and the convenience to obtain it.
Park in the car park behind Anglia square and barely a minutes walk crossing the main road to Cavell house which is next to the pedestrian crossing 👍🏻.


This is an outstanding and reasonably priced service. I brought my elderly and virtually blind Father in this morning after months of waiting for the NHS to assist him. The worry for him and all of us that he might be going deaf as well has been horrendous but after 10 pain free minutes, Dad can hear again! Huge thanks to the highly professional Nick – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Ear Care Centre Norwich to anyone.


After months of struggling to hear properly and unhelpful local gp surgery i followed up on a friends recommendation and boy was i pleased i did. 10 mins of painless micro suction and bingo i can hear again, everything is so loud its wonderfull. Thank you to Nick highly recommended.


Money well spent Nick puts you at ease,knows his stuff,and gets the job done.
From deaf in both ears to normal hearing all done in minutes.
Highly recommended,will be back.
Thanks Nick.


I like this guy, Nick. I went yesterday for him to vacuum my ears as they make a lot of wax frequently, it was my first visit and he is very friendly professional and did a great job. So this is an easy 5 star and I would recommend him.


Highly, highly recommend! I struggle with blocked ears, olive oil wouldn’t work and doctors were refusing treatment. This treatment went above and beyond my recommendations – it’s so great to be able to hear clearly again. Will not hesitate to come back as a first resort if my ears get bad again. Thank you!!