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I cannot recommend Nick enough! I was in so much pain with a blocked ear and ear infection and Nick kindly fitted me in at very short notice in between appointments. He was very friendly, professional and painlessly removed my ear wax in record time. I will definitely bypass my GP in future and go straight to the Ear Care Centre. Nick is also a lot cheaper than many other ear wax removal services.


Just had my ears microsuctioned by Nick and the tinnitus that I thought was permanent in my left ear is GONE, it’s been 5 years with various GP appts for syringing and I thought I was stuck with the ringing noise forever. But 15 minutes with Nick and my hearing is better than it’s been in years. I left the appointment and had a little happy cry. Nick was so informative and professional. If my ears get blocked again, I won’t even bother with my GP, I’ll just go straight to Nick. Also, Microsuctioning feels like your whole brain is being cleared out and is a weird but oddly pleasant sensation!


Visited today, both ears sorted in record time along with AMAZING customer service! Can’t recommend enough if you’re having wax trouble. A+++


Absolutely brilliant, I’ve had my ears cleaned many places and Nick was by far superior to them. Fast no pain, friendly, and a cheap compared to most. Highly recommended!


Had a blocked ear for a while but due to lockdown I haven’t been able to get it sorted! Nick was recommended to me & I went today! It’s amazing to be able to hear properly again! Nick was very friendly & professional and knows his stuff! Would definitely recommend & use again.


Nick cleaned out my ears in less than 10 minutes! Very easy, not uncomfortable and rich with advice! Totally recommended!


So pleased to have found this service in Norwich. Professional and friendly service, couldn’t recommend enough. I had one blocked ear but the other was 80% blocked so after cleaning, hearing is a joy. Thank you!


Excellent service. Nick took me from miserable to happy in about 5 minutes with his friendly, affable but professional and educational approach. I was also most grateful that he took the time to communicate with me in the middle of the Easter holidays which shows dedication to his clients. Will always be my ‘go to’ place for wax issues from now on as the process was not only quick and painless but also great value for money. Many thanks!


Nick was great. I had total blockage in both ears that he was able to remedy in 10 minutes. Great service, clean office and a simple solution to a problem that may seem bigger than necessary. I highly recommend the Ear Care Center.


WOW! Nothing short of first class treatment. Pain free, smooth process and what a result at the end. Forget ear drops and gadgets online as they DO NOT WORK – Just come to this place! Phenomenal.



I am immensely grateful at the quality of care I have received today. Nick was friendly and informative. It was a quick process that took no more than 10 minutes! If you are struggling with a blocked ear Nick is the guy to go to. Can’t recommend enough!


I wish I had come here sooner, brilliant service. Didn’t hurt, it wasn’t uncomfortable and Nick was lovely. Both of my ears were blocked full of wax and I was deaf but now I can hear everything in HD!


I am immensely grateful at the quality of care I have received today. Nick was friendly and informative. It was a quick process that took no more than 10 minutes! If you are struggling with a blocked ear Nick is the guy to go to. Can’t recommend enough!


After having problematic ears during my early teens due to being a competitive swimmer – I have always been very nervous when I had to visit any doctor/nurse that weren’t familiar with my ears (I have very narrow ear canals – prone to infection – prone to blockage). When I started to feel very blocked in one of my ears I had seen a Facebook share for Nick from one of my friends and sent him a message on Facebook straight away! Nick replied straight away and booked me in for a couple of days later. Nick was so kind and understanding of my nervousness around my ears and quickly eased my nerves with his informative explanation on the procedure. I can’t recommend Nick enough! Thank you so so much!


Cant thank Nick enough for all his help today. I had been suffering with a blocked ear over the course of a few weeks. Went to the GP and they told me to use olive oil drops. This made things worse until I was then suffering from a really bad ear ache and lots of pressure in my ear. The wait for micro suctioning on the NHS was 1-2 weeks but I looked into the option of going to a private clinic as I was in so much pain. I was really nervous about the micro suctioning but it was quick and painless. I could instantly hear clearly again in my left ear and the pain disappeared. Amazing!!


We’d just like to thank you for the fantastic treatment today you provided to our daughter. You really put her at ease and she can hear properly again which we are all really excited about! We won’t hesitate to book another appointment with you if/when needed!


Hi there. I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of my ear wax removal today. As you know I’m a sufferer of anxiety and struggle immensely with anything medical almost to the point of panic attack. I wanted to leave my remarks with you do that you can share with other patients with similar anxiety to myself and help put them at ease. I was petrified in all honesty but Nick kept talking me through it told me I could stop if I needed to. I came away thinking I could easily go back if I need to in the future. Thanks again!


A really big thank you for removing the ear wax from my ears today. The advice from my GP was to drop warm olive oil into my ear and after several weeks it probably made it worse. Not only did you clear my blocked ear but also cleared my other ear which I did not even realise was blocked!! My hearing is now amazing and thank you so much for sorting it. The process was quick and painless and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to anyone who has ear problems. Thank you so much again.


Very professional service, would highly recommend!


The service provided from Nick was excellent from start to finish. I called up for an appointment and was able to be seen the next day. My ears were very blocked and I was suffering with earache. Nick used the Microsuction to remove the wax in a careful, yet efficient manner. This is probably the best money I’ve spent in a while and my hearing has never been so good! Have already recommended to family & friends. Thanks Nick!